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3d号杀号定胆六大专家primary agent ,lowest prices

3d号杀号定胆六大专家the official guarantee, secure and reliable

3d号杀号定胆六大专家one-stop service of sourcing,declaration and transport

Melbourne,Los Angele,Jakarta,Johannesburg,Rio de Janeiro,London,Paris,Tokyo,Singapore


professional operation, simple and convenient

corporate with a number of airlines,covering five continents

the lowest price, arrive on time

Tokyo International Airport,O'Hare International Airport,Los Angeles International Airport,Dubai International Airport,Frankfort International Airport,Singapore Changi Airport


primary agent,lowest prices

corporate with a number of express company,covering five continents,global coverage

professional consultant,home delivery

Singapore,Indonesia,France,The United Kingdom,Australia,Spain,South Africa,The U.S.,Brazil


3d号杀号定胆六大专家corporate with railway,lowest prices

one-stop service of customs clearance,and transport

3d号杀号定胆六大专家a number of railways,covering many countries in central asia


roblems encounteredin procurement?

we found out at least 9 orders in 100 with problem since we started our business from 2007, we summarized as below:

Foreign customersencounter the purchase problems. Suppliers may perform as below: Foreign customer being cheated experience. How to solve? Minicky Group platform htyh788.cn problem solution.
A、High price: foreign custoemr don’t know how to bargain or factory provide high price. The salers quote a high price which including the huge commision. Foreign customers must sign the purchase contract recognized by law, the price will keep the same by the protection of the law. The price will maintain the same as before if sign through our platform, because the contract recogzised by law in China.
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Purchase card Management

Purchase card:0 (Gift 15% interest per annum)

  • 1,order operation: whole purchasing service!

    1,order operation: whole purchasing service!

    3d号杀号定胆六大专家a: bargaining service: the platform can cut 1%-20% discount.

    b: national quality inspection: arrange quality checker to factory to inspect the order commodities.

    c: order handling: check the delivery time, expediting, shipment, inspection

    3d号杀号定胆六大专家d: international transportation: inspection and loading, supervising transportation to avoid loss of goods

    3d号杀号定胆六大专家e: will not be deceived: after uploading the order, the platform establishes a cooperation agreement with the supplier.

    f: dispute handling : order dispute and legal problems、lawyers prosecution

  • 3d号杀号定胆六大专家2,love guarantee: last guarantee for order!

    2,love guarantee: last guarantee for order!

    a:deal with disputes in order.

    3d号杀号定胆六大专家 b: solve the legal problem of order.

    c: sue order supplier.

    d: free lawyer team support.

  • 3,china business processing: good assistant for chinese purchasing!

    3,china business processing: good assistant for chinese purchasing!

    a: set up a safe trip to china with translators.

    b: miniqi group helps you deal with chinese procurement.

    3d号杀号定胆六大专家c: during your stay in china, translators help you translate chinese dialogues.

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